We can’t all be Martha Stewart, and quite honestly, I’m pretty sure most of us are too tired to try. On top of the stress of entertaining, decorating for the holidays can be just as daunting. Lucky for you, we are firm believers that small, thoughtful touches make just as big of an impact. There are a few easy ways for you to step up your holiday decorating game, without getting sucked into the black hole that is Pinterest (unless that’s your thing, then more power to you friend!)

  1. Hang Vintage Ornaments
    Add some nostalgia to your usual trimmings. Be it secondhand or family heirlooms, they make for great conversation pieces!
  2. Pillow Change-Out
    Swapping out your everyday pillows with seasonal or holiday themed pillows is a super easy, and inexpensive way to change up your décor.
  3. Go For a Simple Color Scheme
    While we love us some classic holiday decorations, this one is for all you non-purists! Skip the usual theme (pumpkins, dreidel, nutcracker, whatever the holiday) and opt for accent colors, mixed with white flowers for a more subtle look (think pretty red pomegranates or a bowl of oranges suck with cloves, paired with star of Bethlehem blooms or white pillar candles on wood slabs)
  4. Shine It Up With Mercury Glass
    Mercury glass ornaments and vases are a great way to add stylized shine, without having a glitter explosion in your home. We are fans, and think you should be too!
  5. Stick ‘em Elsewhere
    Ornaments aren’t just for trees anymore. They look great hanging in your window with some fresh greenery, on wrapped gifts, wreaths, garland, or in a big wooden bowl or glass cylinder as a centerpiece. Spread the love, and look like a holiday decorating genius in the process!

These are just a few ideas; going outside of your usual holiday routine doesn’t have to be cray-inducing. In the end, it’s really about surrounding yourself with the things that make you feel most festive. Bonus tip: an extra glass of spiked eggnog usually ups the festive mood, and makes the decorating process a little bit easier to handle.

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