What makes a space relaxing? If you’ve ever seen an episode of Hoarders, then you know that more is definitely not more. Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt chill? Chances are that it incorporates the following home decor elements, to give it that cohesive, well-curated feeling.

  1. Fluffy Things
    Sheep skins/faux sheep skins, fuzzy blankets, pillows…aka, things you want to hug, squeeze or sprawl out naked on (tee hee).
  2. Mood Lighting
    We consider this anything that gives off a nice glow that isn’t overhead lighting, like candles or lamps.
  3. Connection to the Outdoors
    Plants and decorative sticks are great (real or dried for the love of Pete, nothing fake), also antlers and fresh flowers are great nature-y additions.
  4. Clutter Collecting
    Even a stack of old magazines looks neater on a tray; set a pretty plant or decorative item on top to create a practical vignette that looks as if it’s from the pages of Real Simple magazine.

The good news is that these are incredibly easy to apply to your own space with minimal effort, (especially if you follow along with our tips for layering *cough cough*)

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