First off, plants are great; in addition to adding natural color to your space, they can make your house or apartment feel like home. However, it can get a bit expensive when it comes to choosing just the right pot, and matching your plant homes to your decor can also be brain-meltingly overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways around this, and our latest obsession involves jamming beautiful trinkets into the soil alongside our plants. You can add personality to simple terracotta pots (which are super cheap btw) by planting unexpected accessories alongside your plants; a funky bottle stop, like the glass cut pineapple we found at an estate sale, or a pretty geode slice. Tchotchkes are great for this, whether you stumble across them at a thrift-store, or they are a funny little gift from a friend, they are inexpensive and make you look like a decorating genius!

(You’re welcome).

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