We know we have a problem, and by problem, we mean stylish-hobby-turned-business. So when we meet fellow home décor junkies, we get excited to talk “shop.” As self-proclaimed tchotchke hoarders, us home décor junkies literally surround ourselves with things that thrill and make us happy– there truly is joy to our madness, so let us take a moment to embrace these five quirky, tell-tale signs of our awesomeness…

  1. “Selfies” are mainly comprised of our feet, hands or some weird action-packed half-body-shot; because showcasing our home décor like one of Barker’s Beauties makes us giddy as hell.
  2. At one time or another, our vehicle will resemble that of Fred Sanford’s; because, you know, deals.
  3. We are secretly jealous of a great piece our friend scored and will covet it until the day we die (or until we find one just like it – or better…just sayin).
  4. We practically break out into a sprint when we see something ah-mazing in a thrift store (basically out of sheer terror that someone else will scoop it up before us).
  5. At one time or another we have said “I need another_______ like I need a hole in the head,” as we are checking out at the cash register – TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY,  K THANKS BYE.

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