FAKE AND BAKE | Creating a sunroom vibe with minimal space

FAKE AND BAKE | Creating a sunroom vibe with minimal space

For those of us living in an apartment, or a generally small space, a three-season sunroom is often a pipe dream. Lucky for you, here are 4 easy ways to create a cozy sun space to catch up on your Vitamin D, no extra square footage needed.

Sounds simple, right? The goal here is to pick the sunniest/brightest spot in your home. And don’t limit yourself to just windows; it’s okay to set up shop in front of sliding glass doors, or under a skylight if you don’t have a great window.

If you work from home and are looking for a spot to work, consider setting up a small cafe table in your space. If you’re looking to relax and put your feet up, a cozy reading chair with a small ottoman and a side table for beverages is great too.

Once you determine what the space will be used for, and the size of your furniture, throw a small area rug underneath it— just big enough to anchor the space, so that the pieces don’t look like they’re floating (P.S. it’s ok to put and area rug over carpet).

The final step to a cheery sun space is to add some green. You may need to go as small as mini succulents along a window ledge, or a pretty plant draped from the ceiling in a macrame holder, or as large as large palms flanking your setup. Whatever you choose, keep it simple and to scale with you space.

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