Ah, that tricky choice of which color to commit to for the next few years, assuming you have better things to do than repaint rooms every couple months. Choosing the right color for your calm space is easier than it seems. As a rule, cooler tones are more tranquil (think blues like, the ocean) or even variants of your favorite sunset (dusty or muted.) Bringing in natural colors found in florals, such as lilacs, is really beautiful too.

Harsh lighting wreaks havoc with our minds. Do you recall anything calm about being in a classroom full of obnoxious fluorescent lights? I sure don’t. The correct lighting sets a mood that can prompt us in one of two ways: focus, efficiency (classroom, kitchen, operating room) or calm, relaxation (spa, coffee house, romantic restaurant.) Start by taking a look at your light bulbs. Are you using bright white, daylight, or cool white? Is your wattage too high? Different fixtures need different bulbs, as do different shades, so make sure you are using the right one for the job. Take a trip to your nearest home store and wander down the light bulb aisle – it’s not what it used to be! (This in itself does not need to be stressful; don’t be afraid to use the “press for assistance” button!)

Who. Doesn’t. Love. Candles? Not only are candles a romantic, sexy light source, they can also calm the room with scent. We are in love with Lit and Co. candles, which are all natural soy and come in over 50 scents. A few good choices for creating calm are: Lavender – a go-to for stress relief, lavender is proven to relieve anxiety, stress, depression and mood disorders; also promotes sleep. Sandalwood – associated with meditation, sandalwood has a relaxing and calming ability. Jasmine – sensual, deeply relaxing. Coconut – evokes beachy vacation thoughts, proven to slow heart rate.

Re-Style Your Space

Take a look around your home. Has it looked the same since you moved in? It might be time to shake up the layout of your living room. Turn your dining room table around, or swap out a centerpiece. Subtle changes (or big ones) might be just the trick to help you feel better in your space. Need help? Just click here for more information on Abode’s re-decorating services.

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